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Five Ways to Empower Students to Ideate: Choosing Technology for Informal Spaces

Ideation, a brainstorming process that places a greater focus on increasing participants’ involvement and creativity, can help students (and faculty) address challenges head-on, produce actionable results, and collectively arrive at new ideas that innovate. In the process, participants achieve a deeper understanding of the problem and learn how to collaborate,  an experience that builds in-demand skills for the workplace.

This eBook provides education leaders with a set of practices for empowering students to effectively engage in a group ideation session, even in their preferred, informal spaces. Tips include:

  • How to form the right group for an ideation session
  • What tools and technologies can support productive brainstorms 
  • Best practices to facilitate a dialogue, including methods for engaging remote participants

Impactful solutions start with an idea. Help your students (and faculty) bring their best ideas to light.